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How Do New Shoppers Find Your Website?

Do Your Shopper Discounts
Only Appear on Your Website?

Do You Think Shoppers Search the Internet for Discounts for their Purchases?

We Solve These Problems!

We Bring Internet Shoppers to Your Business

We Know Allen! Since 1998, we have offered low-cost Internet Marketing Solutions for Allen businesses. Our Clients experience increased exposure, more shoppers, and an excellent ROI. A number of our Clients have been with us over 15 Years.

We are proud to have developed many first-time Allen Community Focused Websites providing information for Allen Residents.

Allen Online.com (1998)
Allen Online Business Directory (1999)
Allen Talk Community Forum (2003)
Allen Texas Coupons.com (2013)
Allen Online Coupon Directory (2022)

Marketing Tip

These websites provide a Direct Internet Pathway for the Allen Business Community to connect with Allen Residents. Residents find Local Business Information, Discount Coupons and a direct link to your Website.

Allen Residents Love these Websites
Resulting in High Search Engine Rankings.

Check out Bing

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We Made it Easy to Find Allen Businesses.

Internet: Discounts for All!

Seller Competition Benefits Shoppers

Background Facts

COVID-19 forced Millions of Shoppers and Billions of New Shopper-Dollars to the Internet. Aggressive Seller Competition emerged by flooding the marketplace with Discount Offers. An Outburst of Online Coupons occurred and Ecommerce exploded by 40%.

Statistical Facts

More than 263 Million American Consumers Shop Online, 80% Of the Population! (Source: EMarketer)

Sellers Chase Shoppers

Everyday Online Shoppers are under attack from popup ads, google ads, video ads, and banner ads. Sometimes they follow you to your email box. You can not outrun them!

Shoppers Know Discounts are Available.
And Shoppers Now Expect to Get Discounts!

Shoppers Become Smarter

Internet Shoppers can now research their purchases, compare prices quickly, and analyze consumer reviews, all from the comfort of their home. This dynamic has made Online Shopping the Superior and Convenient Choice for Consumers.

Smart Shoppers Learn Very Quickly Where to Look for Discounts. Especially Local Discounts.

Bottom Line for Sellers

If Your Company is Not Offering Coupons
You are Leaving Money on the Table!

Connect with Shoppers

Shoppers Want and Need Discounts!

Marketing Secret #1

Coupons are Magnets that
Pull in Online Shoppers!

88% of US Consumers
Used Coupons in 2020. (Source: Statista)

The Value of Digital Coupon Redemption will reach $91 Billion by 2022. (Source: Juniper Research)

Marketing Secret #2

Coupons are a Gateway to Your
Website Allowing for More Sales.

Shrew Sellers reinvent Coupon Marketing to Increase Website Traffic. Along with their Traditional Coupons they also offer Coupons with Incentives Only Available on their website. This gives Sellers a chance to convert the Shoppers into Customers at the website level.

How Do Shoppers Find Your Coupons?

Ask Yourself This Question:
Are Your Coupons Only Available
on Your Website?

Do Not Make this Mistake

If your Coupons are ONLY found on your website
they are difficult for New Shoppers to find.
Your Coupons Need More Exposure!

Marketing Tip

First Rule of Internet Marketing
Exposure, Exposure, EXPOSURE!

Allen Coupon Directory

We are Bringing Shoppers to Your Busines!

We Know Allen!

Need More Proof

Statistical Facts

50% of Consumers do more than 75% of all their Shopping Online and 25% do more than 90%.

Home Repair Services, Auto Repair Services, Delivery Services, what services don't advertise on the Internet?

The Number of US Digital Coupon Users
Reached 145.3 Million in 2021. (Source: Statista)

85% High Income Households and 86% Middle Income Households admit to looking for Discounts. (Source: Credit Donkey)

80% of customers are motivated to make their first purchase with a new brand if they have a discount.
That jumps to 88% for millennials. (Source: Inc.)

And Now there are Worries
about Inflation!

According to the Labor Department Inflation
is at a 40-Year High!

Discounts for Shoppers are even More
Important to Shoppers with Prices Rising.

We Bring Shoppers to Your Business

Immediate Exposure for Your Business!

Allen Coupon Directory


Documented by Google (Allen Online.com)
May 3, 2022 to May 30, 2022

The Directory Appears in 2 Allen Websites.
Your Listing Will Appear in Both!

Allen Online.com
Allen Texas Coupons.com

Overnight Your Company is Listed in
2 Highly Ranked Websites!

List Up to 4 Coupons!
Changes and Updates are FREE!

Directory includes 75+ Coupons
and more are on the way!

Shoppers Will Find Your Coupons, Find Your Website and Find Your Business!

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We Send Notices about our Coupons to more than 300 Businesses including, Allen Churches, Civic Organizations, Community Groups, Major Employers, Apartments, Municipalities and Schools.

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