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Since COVID-19 hit, Millions of New Shopper-Dollars were added to the Internet. Aggressive Seller Competition followed and Flooded the Marketplace with Discount Offers on everything and anything. This caused Coupon Usage to Reach All-Time Highs.

Internet Shoppers have come to expect discounts! They compare products and pricing. They read product reviews. They expect professional customer service. And, they know where to look and find discounts, Especially Local Discounts!

How do Shoppers
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Fast-forward to today. Shoppers are worried about Rising Inflation and Fears about Recession. They are Extremely Price Conscience and looking for Discounts and Deals more than ever before. Plus, this will be Magnified when the Holiday and Christmas Season approaches.

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Documented by Google (Allen
May 3, 2022 to May 30, 2022 (28 days)

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Allen Texas

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We Send Notices about our Coupons to more than Allen 300 Businesses including, Allen Churches, Civic Organizations, Community Groups, Major Employers, Apartments, Municipalities and Schools.

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