Special Report: Allen Shopper 2.0

There are Now Millions of New Shopper Dollars Available!

Two-Part Report
Part 1: Millions of New Shopper Dollars
Part 2: How to Increase Sales Now! (FREE Marketing Tips)

Part 1
$ Millions of New Shopper Dollars $

A New Allen Shopper Emerges!

eCommerce Explodes

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced Millions of Shoppers and Millions of New Shopper Dollars to the Internet. Aggressive Sellers followed the Shoppers and flooded the Marketplace with Discount Coupons and Deals. Ecommerce Exploded!

For the first-time Millions of Consumers learned about the advantages and convenience of shopping on the Internet. It was an eye-opener.

Before Covid-19 hit, the Internet was starting to be known as a good place to find discounts. Today, it is the outright leader.

In 2021, Digital Coupon Users Reached 145.3 million. The highest amount ever recorded! (Source: Statista)

Sellers Blitz Shoppers
“Internet Discounts for All”

Internet Shoppers are under constant attack from popup ads, google ads, video ads, and banner ads. These ads chase you everywhere! Use a search engine to find a specific item and you just placed a bullseye on your back for target marketing.

Result: Shoppers Expect Discounts on Everything!

Shoppers Get Smarter

The Internet has placed a massive amount of information at the fingertips of Shoppers. They research their purchases, compare prices quickly, and analyze consumer reviews. They shop 24/7 from the comfort of their home, or from any location using smartphones.

Shoppers are well-versed in how to search the Internet and they know exactly where to find the Allen websites that offer local discounts.

Comparison shopping has taken on a new meaning. Educated Shoppers collect information before they buy. Whether the purchase is made online or at a physical store, shoppers are more empowered than ever before.

Brick and Mortar Business

Good News! Shoppers are returning to brick and mortar stores. The demise of physical stores has been overly exaggerated. However, a significant number of consumers have chosen to stay and make the Internet their shopping choice.

All Businesses Should Not Ignore
the Continuous Surge of eCommerce

This is the New Normal for Shopping

Enter Inflation and Recession and
Increased Consumer Worries

Discount Coupons are More
Important to Shoppers than Ever Before

Online Retail Sales will reach 22.3% of total retail sales in the U.S. by 2023. (Source: eMarketer)

Part 2
Increase Your Sales Now!

Here's How. . .

FREE Marketing Tips

Ask Yourself These Questions

Do You Offer Coupons?

In 2021, Digital Coupon Users
Reached 145.3 million. The highest amount ever! (Source: Statista)

In 2020, 88% of Shoppers Used Coupons (Source: Statista)

Reasons to Offer Coupons

Attract new customers. Introduce new products or services. Move inventory. Drive Sales, Increase Cash Flow. Maintain a competitive edge with your competition.

More than 263 Million American Consumers
Shop Online. 80% of the Population!
(Source: EMarketer)

More Sales Are Waiting.
If you are Not Offering Coupons You are Leaving Money on the Table!

Do You Offer Smart Coupons?

There are Traditional Coupons and there are Smart Coupons. Smart Coupons will lead Shoppers to your Website for futher sales.

Do Not Overlook this Method!

Is Your Business Easy to Find?

How Many Allen Businesses
Link to Your Website?

Competition is tough. You need more than just your website to reach shoppers. You need backlinks from other Allen websites sending business your way. The more links to your website the easier it is for Shoppers to find you.

Is Your Business Listed
in Local Business Directories?

Shoppers Browse the Internet
Like they Once Browsed the Mall!

Allen has Business Directory websites and Dedicated Coupon websites with high search engine rankings. How many list your business and link to your website?

Do Want to Increase Your Business Now? Do Want More Sales?

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From: Craig's Car Care

We have been working with the wonderful folks at Allen Online for 16 years. They are great to do business with. We highly recommended them.

Craig Zale
Craig's Car Care
Community Partner 16 Years

From: Cindy's School of Dance

I have been a customer of Allen Online for many years. I believe they help introduce my business to new members of the community and are a good business partner.

I recommend any local business that wants to connect with the community of Allen to subscribe to the services of Allen Online.

Cindy Brenna
Cindy's School of Dance
Community Partner 18 Years

We Know Allen!

Allen Online

We specialize in Low-Cost Internet Marketing Solutions for any size small business servicing Allen. Since 1998, more than 100 businesses have used Allen Online to promote their products and services.

We place your Business Listing on Informational Websites used by Allen Residents. These Websites are Highly Ranked on Internet Search Engines. This is a unique SEO method only Allen Online can provide.

Allen Residents are Always Browsing our Allen Business Directory and the Allen Coupon Directory

Currently there are 75+ Coupons
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Our Community Partners choose between a short-term approach to building their customer base and increasing their online exposure, while others implement our solutions continuously in their marketing strategies. Some Community Partners have been with us over 15 years.

It's Easy for Shoppers to find
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From: Webster Mechanical, LLC

My experience with Allen Online has been nothing short of excellent. The attention that I've gotten has made the difference with regard to growing my small contracting business right here locally.

I continue to get customers commenting that they found me here and expect that to continue.

Thank You!

David Porter
Webster Mechanical, LLC
Community Partner 9 Years

From: Amstel Plumbing

Being a part of a community focused advertising platform is a way to build relationships and gain business within the community itself. I have sponsored and donated to many local charities and events but being in Allen Online on a consistent basis has kept me in front of my local potential and existing customer base

I appreciate the fact that I can modify my listing at any time as well as update my coupons according to my business needs. Debbie is always available and willing to assist me with anything I need regarding my ad and coupons.

Thank you, look forward to another 10 years!!

Scott Carter
Amstel Plumbing
Community Partner 9 Years

Allen Online

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