Snippet 2 Should You Offer Coupons

Should You Offer Coupons? The Facts.

Coupons Benefit Shoppers and Sellers!

With the dramatic shift toward ecommerce from brick-and-mortar stores last year, coupon usage followed suit.

Digital Coupons Usage
Now Exceeds Paper Coupon Usage.

Benefit: Seller. Coupons are a cost-effective and measurable way to recruit new customers and sell more products.

Benefit: Shopper. Shoppers are projected to save $91 Billion shopping with Coupons in 2022.

Benefit: Seller. Coupons are a Gateway to your Website allowing for more sales.

Benefit: Shopper. 74% of Americans say getting a Great Deal is an important part of shopping.

Benefit: Shopper and Seller. 80% of Customers are motivated to make a purchase with a new Brand if they have a discount.

Shoppers Want Coupons!

If Your Company is Not Offering Coupons
You are Leaving Money on the Table!