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Allen Texas Coupons

“Getting people to come to our website is NOT EASY! Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Changing Technologies, it never ends. I don't have the time for this. I already have more things to do than hours in the day."

“I know that the Covid-19 virus forced shoppers to the Internet making online shopping more important than ever before. It also placed a greater emphasis on Internet Marketing and every person connected to our business knows this. We need to always have customers so that survival will not be an issue, but we also need some cost-effective help."

You're Not Alone!

We know that running a productive Internet Marketing Strategy is a daunting, difficult task and very time consuming. Furthermore, online advertising is expensive. So is hiring an SEO Expert. However, the Digital Marketplace is the new place for customers and the new normal for a small business. But look up. We can help you.

Allen Online has helped many Allen businesses in the same situation as you. Our company is known for developing very low-cost Internet marketing strategies. You will see that many of our Community Partners (advertisers) have been with us for over 15 years.

Our current marketing Plan is showing excellent results. I can guide you through the Method and Plan that will bring customers to your website and help free up your time. Just follow along.

The Method

Allen Texas Coupons

We Bring Customers to Your Website

Everyday Internet Shoppers are greeted with thousands of money saving deals.

Many of the discounts appear in the form of Coupons. In 2020, at the time of Covid-19, Coupon usage Skyrocketed and Digital Coupons exceeded paper coupon usage for the first time.

Today, Shoppers are smarter. The Internet allows them to research their purchases, compare prices quickly, and they know where to find the deals and discounts.

Hello Allen Coupon Directory
Easy for Allen Shoppers!

We gave Allen Shoppers an Easy One-Stop Shopping Place to find Allen Deals and Discounts. Currently, the Directory has 60+ Coupons and growing all the time.

Then We Doubled Down!

The Coupon Directory was part of Allen Online.com. It became incredibly popular and prompted us to place a copy on Allen Texas Coupons.com. This gave Allen Shoppers a second website to find Allen Discounts. Today, both directories are widely supported by Allen residents resulting in high rankings on Google and Bing Search Engines.

The Cost: Think Affordable!

As with all our marketing Plans, the Coupon Directory is offered at a low cost so that it can be available to all Allen businesses. It costs $36.50 per month. That's $1.22 per day. This low cost should give you a high ROI.

The Plan

Allen Texas Coupons

It's All About Getting You Exposure!

As a Community Partner (Advertiser) you get an exclusive Coupon Page.

You provide us with up to 4 coupons. Each quarter we rotate your coupons with one landing in the Featured Coupon spot. There are also other ways for you to get more exposure.

Shoppers Love to Browse and
Frequently Return to Look for New Coupons.

Changing your coupons and adding new coupons will get you more visits to your Coupon Page. You can offer one or 2 coupons but I would suggest you offer 4 coupons for maximum exposure, but this is your choice. Keep in mind there is no extra cost to change your coupons. It's also a good idea to look at other coupons in the directory for coupon ideas. You’ll see creative examples.

Do Not Under-Estimate this Feature.
Your Coupon Page includes a Link to your Website and can provide for additional sales. Announcing New Products or Services in your coupons is a great way to get Shoppers to visit and checkout your website. Use this link to convert Shoppers into Customers.

We Bring Customers
to Your Website

Only $36.50 Per Month

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Overnight your Company becomes
listed in Two Coupon Directories
Highly Ranked on Google and Bing!

Super Exposure for Your Company

Allen Texas Coupons

You Get:

1. Your Own Exclusive Coupon Page
List up to 4 Coupons

2. Change Coupons Anytime
at No Extra Cost

3. Instantly Announce Sales, Promotions,
New Products or Services

4. Your Business Listed on the Homepage

5. Listing in the Coupon Directory
Highly Ranked on Google and Bing

6. Convert Shoppers into Customers
Coupon Page includes a Link to your Website

Allen Online

You Get:

1. Premium Listing in Two Categories
in the Allen Business Directory

Customized Categories can be
created for your Business.

2. 150-Word Business Description

3. Google Location Map (optional)

4. Listing in the Coupon Directory
Highly Ranked on Google and Bing

5. Convert Shoppers into Customers
includes a Link to your Website


Get Extra Widespread Exposure
Throughout Allen!

We Send Notices about our coupons to Allen Churches, Civic Organizations, Community Groups, Major Employers, Apartment Complexes, Municipalities and Public Schools.

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Failure or Success

You could choose to use this Plan and be Successful. You will get visitors to your website.

You could choose to Wait to Act and you're back at ground zero scratching your head again about what to do.

COVID-19 forced Millions of Consumers to the Internet for everything and anything. There is a huge increase in Internet Shoppers for you to sell. Why would you miss this opportunity?

Our Plan increases your exposure and selling opportunities. It also significantly reduces the overwhelming time needed to develop your own strategy and plan.

Your Coupon Directory listing leads to direct exposure for your business. Allen Shoppers are already visiting the Coupon Directory. The stars have aligned for you to be successful. Checkout the links to Google and Bing at the bottom. If the Coupon Directory was not popular there would not be a high ranking.

If you have any questions let me know by clicking the Sign-Up button.

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Here's to Wishing You Much Success!

We Bring Customers to Your Website

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